Check out Extreme Forklifting 2!

Probably the best forklift game ever made for mobile!
Experience the thrill and excitement of driving a forklift.

Move pallets and collect points in this physics driven 3D forklift game. Do it quickly and without damaging the pallet to get bonus points.
As you gain experience more difficult pallets and locations unlock.

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Prepare to embark on the forklifting adventure of a lifetime!

Forky reviews

10/10 would lift again . This game made me sign up for a forklifting job.

When I looked at the game I knew it was great then I played it even more greater than the other time
-Tierney knight

Adrenaline Fuelled Mayhem. When I saw the title, I felt butterflies run though my body all my life I've wanted to be a forklift driver, and now this app gives me the chance to live out my dream on the go. Action and excitement from start to do finish that'll keep you coming back for more!

Living The Dream
-Shane Rogers

Extremely Dumb Yet Forking Entertaining

Driving a forklift can be fun when safety is not an issue
-Matt Jones

F**k yea Finally a forklifting game that's well made

-Clayton Kelly

You had me at 'Pick up pallets!'
-Andrew Yuen

-Aden Asquith

-Steven Marquez

So happy This app have fun.
-Tinnakorn Roengorn

Today I have learned that I dislike driving a forklift in a game as much as I do in real life.
-Matt Gargan

Fork lever should be pull down to raise forks.
-Alan Pierce

As close as you'll come to operating a real forklift. Please add side-shift.
-Jason Darling

Have driven forklifts at work and this is great
-Alan Barker

Love it my dad and nearly all of family members have this game
-Kate Tytherleight

Excellent Great game I have played on android
-David Broderick

Harder than actual forklifting
-Chris Clayton

Hi viewers well I am a counterbalance forklift driver myself been so for about 12 years now . This game is so Cool don't know what the other reviewers are on about this game is so true to life the truck and steering is so true to life it's great fun to do stunts as well on here . Cannot do that in real life you know lol. Happy gaming.

Been playing this game for a while now and I've found my family is having troubles with getting to grips with my new lifestyle but I was born a forklifter and I'll die one.

Call me brain dead or boring but once you get use to the game it's addictive, I'm on level 100 and yes you fall and if you go fast you topple over but it is a forklift? Not a racing game. Give it a chance! The whole concept it so different haha
-Karen Baker

Ridiculous Fun. Why all the negative reviews? Who wouldn't want to do radical tricks on a Forklift!?
-The great British reviewer

really good game especially for the the kids
-Gale gladiator